Our focus is handling the following complicated accounting issues, allowing you to do what you do best. You will reduce operating expenses, improve efficiency and avoid costly bookkeeping mistakes. Our services are tailored to fit your needs.

Accounts Payable

  • We enter your invoices into our accounting system based on information you provide.
  • We can perform the check printing function.

Bank Reconciliations

  • Allow us to help with this stressful situation. No worrying about why it doesn't balance, we handle it for you.

Credit Card Reconciliation

  • We account for all charges and record based on information you provide.

Fixed Asset Tracking & Depreciation

  • This allows for tax planning because we determine what is best for your situation in order to meet your desired goals.

Financial Statement Preparation

  • Balance sheet and income statement

1099 Preparation

  • Alleviate stiff penalties for failure to file or late filing. We identify vendors who should be issued a 1099 and prepare the electronic filings.

Sales Tax

  • State and local reporting, electronically filed


  • Calculate and print individual payroll checks
  • Federal and state tax deposits, electronically filed
  • Prepare quarterly and annual payroll tax returns, including W-2 forms
  • Calculate and track vacation and sick pay accruals
  • Calculate IRA withholdings and employer match payments
  • Direct deposit paychecks in employees' accounts

General Ledger Maintenance

  • Fully integrated accounting software